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updated 10/13/2017

Book 1 "Constituents of Contact Manipulation" is now on E-Book!!! you can find it on both Amazon and Apple Itunes


OK, we have begun the process of converting this to a member registration site. if you are interested in future PKI materials that will be available to members only please register above.


Kenpoguyproductions has several videos of seminars showing the uses and applications of the information on these posters, check them out!!! Order now on the new posting for PKI Members 

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New Ranks and promotions Posted at Testing Page, check it out!


 Congratulations all who tested and made your next rank!!! Keep up the good work and stay the path.


 Kenpo Sayings & Definitions


Leverage is a tool used for the mechanical advantage and application of force within a given technique; elements of leverage are the abc’s of manipulation and control. Like all aspects or facets of the arts that are divisible from the others, this facet has its own particular set of elements or properties and principles that will increase its use, application, and effectiveness. -SP Todd Durgan  




It is not important how long you have been IN the arts,

but how long you have been AT it. -SGM Ed Parker




 Perfection and Mastery are the demons that lay waste to the learning of people who

believe that such things can exist within them. - Todd Durgan  11/05/2015




Is this you?

Read this article, and be honest cause I bet you know

somebody like this!

Dunning Kruger 



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