Special Benefit Seminar August 5th



For all of those people that did make this event and showed your love and support for Master White, Thank you very much! this was a very successful event and a great time was had by all.


September 9, 2017



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Phasic Kombatives

This page will introduce you to "What" PKI is and who Mr. Durgan is and where they come from.

Phasic Kombatives Blog

Continuous updates and information for the PKI group and Students

PKI Belt Ranking chart

This shows the format and requirements for the degrees of black belt as defined and required by the PKI by Laws

Patch Description

Meaning of the Phasic Kombatives Integrated Patch and its symbolisms.

About Mr. Durgan

This page will give you some background on Mr. Durgan and his Martial Arts experience and affiliations and history. A short Bio really.

PKI Affiliate and Member schools

This page is all about our affiliated studios and member schools who have joined us in the Phasic Kombatives Integrated methods.