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Phasic Kombatives Integrated a training METHOD for today's Kombative needs! as designed and taught by Associate Master Todd Durgan

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What is “Phasic Kombatives”?

Phasic Kombatives Integrated is predicated by causality and the systems and structures that one learns through the curriculums of the martial arts. At the heart of it, is the integration and application of the “phase concept” into a live combat scenario to simulate or incorporate situational learning modules (SLM’s). Taking the three phases from SGM Parker’s Kenpo terminology and putting it to work or into “action” as a drilling concept to incorporate the    what- if’s into combat training as a more organic drill based training method. “Phasic” means to move from one phase to another, and this is the intent behind the particular training exercises that have and are being developed for the students. In addition to using the three phases for drilling it refers to “phasing” between categories or moving from empty hand to weapons to ground and so on. This is NOT a sight based method as much as it is “feel” based in certain applications not typically practiced in the traditional Kenpo training regimen. The skilled practitioner of the Phasic Kombatives concepts will be able to transition seamlessly from one medium to another without thought or hesitation. 



Synopsis of the PKI Mission statement:

"The principles and concepts of combat will be introduced and practiced thru the newly developed and adopted training modules, practices, and studies of the P.K.I. curriculum. These will be action reaction drills that will help instill a greater awareness of the ability to defend against the “what ifs” of the combat situations that may arise in today’s real world."

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