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This page will introduce you to "What" PKI is and who Mr. Durgan is as well as where they come from.


Mission Statement


It is the intent of Professor Durgan for this Institution of the Martial Arts to further not only the study of but also the capacity of the study of Kenpo as taught here and by Professor Durgan. In the broader scope for the P.K.I., It is hoped that the students begin to understand and incorporate the elements of the arts that are somewhat lost in translation or misunderstood over these last generations. While it is true that the “Ed Parker” system is the foundation that will be used for the purpose of learning of the basics and basic concepts as outlined herein, we cannot ignore the reality of today’s world and self-defense needs. So it is, that the P.K.I. aims to educate the students that elect to study it, in more spontaneous, organic, and realistic drills that will lead them to greater extemporaneous application of their skills and knowledge to defend themselves in today’s world. The principles and concepts of combat will be introduced and practiced thru the newly developed and adopted training methods, modules, and studies of the P.K.I. curriculum. These will be action reaction based drills that will help instill a greater awareness of the ability to defend against the “what ifs” of the combat situations that may arise in today’s real world. Armed with key concepts such as “relative positioning”, “position recognition”, and “leverage” and the extended understanding and applications of the Universal Pattern to name a few. Students will begin to see how it is that the “principles” of motion can lead to the complete domination of the opponent regardless of the arena or forum. Additionally the introduction and incorporation and more comprehensive study of the two additional elements of combat should complete the training curriculum as a viable and truly mixed martial art; this is not the goal merely a side effect of the process. This inclusion will incorporate grappling or what will be  referred to as “ground work” and knife and stick work which will be referred to as the “weapons of today”. It is only the intention of the P.K.I. to propagate the  ideals and further understanding of the concepts of Kenpo as we know them through this comprehensive collection and assembly of principles and concepts we call; “Phasic Kombatives Integrated”.





Phasic Kombatives Integrated


The Architect;

"Associate Master Professor" Todd Durgan

     Mr. Durgan is a renowned and published author of the Book "Constituents of contact manipulation" and several Kenposter (tm) that explain and articulate some of the areas he has researched, trained and felt needed further exploration and explanation in the kenpo system. For more information on these see the Kenposters Page. He is currently working on Book II and other publications.

    Mr. Durgan is Considered by many, to be a "foremost authority" on Contact Manipulation and has been teaching and developing the concepts of PKI for 20+ years. Mission driven, He tries to help people see where the constituents are that already exist with in the system. His books and posters have now sold around the world and hang in Dojos of all styles and sizes. You may also find his bio and history in the Book "The Continuum" Vol 2. For those who don't know, make no mistake, he is a striker and also has a vast and in depth understanding of the striking art of Kenpo with a laser focus on basics and proper execution of those basics as the base of all else that we do. 

    Mr. Durgan is also currently working on the completion of the PKI (Phasic Kombatives Integrated) teaching format for the continuing education elements beyond black belt, and elemental introductions prior to the Black belt rankings. Not as requirements for rank as much as they are tools to be able to better teach, learn and apply the system of kenpo that the black belt has already attained. And to maintain a focus on certain areas of combat that are either ignored or passed over as less relevant by other lines of kenpo. And while it is true that this is more principle and concept based there are specifics that are required and need to be learned for the material to fall in line with these concepts/principles of the PKI.

    There are many elements to the PKI curriculum and teachings, the following are some of the things that have been created or are in the development process: Universal Stick sets 1-4 (these are based on the universal pattern and common sense Escrima/Arnis like applications). Position recognition drills using a modified Hu-bud and other such drills, that allows a more fluid transition through striking and locking applications such as transitions to or in and out of lock flows and striking without the clumsy transitions that are so often seen. The elements of leverage are taught as basic and required principles to be effective in ALL aspects of the training, including striking and contact manipulations. Ground work consists of drilling sets to better learn to acquire locks, chokes, and holds as well as maneuvering through the greater understanding and application of the principles taught in the Kenpo system and combined with the leverage and U.P. principles and concepts in addition to the concepts of "Sequence re-scripting" relative positioning. These are just a few of the things we are working on or teaching as a part of the PKI materials. 


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