Patch Description

Meaning of the Phasic Kombatives Integrated Patch and its symbolisms.


Patch Description 


 Live life

Honestly and Sincerely,


Integrity, Honor, and Humility


Discipline, Loyalty, and Mercy


The three keys; master keys, three to represent the three parts, (freestyle, forms and techniques) the three stages of learning, the three phases of kenpo, three classes of lever, three “master key Planes” etc…, and since a key is a tool used to unlock things it represents using tools of kenpo ( a Conatser term???)


The Circle with the arrow; most simply means from within, or to look inside yourself, the same as the kanji I added to the T&D patch. But it also shows a point within the circle, that point represents any one persons knowledge compared to what there is to know as represented by the totality of the arts (inside the circle) much like the salutation. As taught in the Todd Durgan method


The Opened Door; the opened door is many things, but the most important is the Idea that the previous elements combined will open doors to greater possibilities and applications in the arts. It also represents what one should keep thru out their journey which is an open mind or openness to the idea of learning more about what they know, open to new things etc…


The three arrows tied together but overlapping; these are special they are what is possible when one acquires the other three elements or symbols. They represent many things, (mind, body, and spirit), (tech’s, freestyle, forms), ground, stand-up or empty hand combat, and weapons. All of these things are not only important but tied together one with the other and all the same.


The Blue figure eight represents the “eternal” cycle of life and learning.


The yin/yang in the background of the Universal pattern holds the same intent as traditionally explained.


The elements of Virtue, there are eight elements written within the eight facets of the patch, Loyalty, Integrity, sincerity, honor, mercy, discipline, humility and honesty. These are things I consider to be important virtues, characteristics or traits.

Phasic Kombatives Integrated Updated 9/7/2015

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