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All about the Kenpo Club/PKI under Associate Master Todd Durgan

Would you like a T-shirt?

We are in the process of making our brand new t-shirts and will have them ready to order shortly. You can however pre-order by simply filling out the order form (discontinued), this will be updated soon with Paypal connections. bare with us.


 Kenpo Clubbers, We are a DHKKA member school!

what does that mean?

We will be supporting the Association and you as a Black Belt student of our "member" school will be entered on the international registry of rank   as certified by SGM Dave Hebler. There are also upcoming events and products that will have "member only" pricing and availability. We will NOT be changing our curriculum or teaching style, merely our affiliation and support, and we will have a really cool patch to wear. On the really cool patch, Mr. Hebler has decided to allow all members to purchase and wear the Parker/Hebler  Lineage patch, if you haven't seen this one, you have to check it out!!! You can get it from your affiliate school instructor, or from SGM Hebler directly.

 line crest pki 8th.png

These pages are under construction continuously, feel free to browse and check things out and Welcome to the Covington Kenpo Club website






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