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Welcome to the "Kenposters" page!!! And remember that for each and every poster sold, one dollar will go to the RFKC benefit. So feel free to get one or two as a gift for a student or loved one. And Thank you for choosing to buy from Kenpoguy.


For samples of past Seminars taught on both these materials and using the posters as tools for teaching the seminars go to our YouTube site Kenpoguyproductions

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there are 15+ videos on this and other materials being taught and shown in seminars of all types.


They're Here!!!

The new "Methods of Execution" Poster...Great for beginners trying to understand the differences in the various methods of execution!

as well as the newly updated "Universal Pattern" and "Levers and Leverage" posters.



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Shipping and handling may vary depending on your location. Also keep in mind that shipping times will vary. Please allow 3-4 days for the posters to ship from date of order and cleared payment.


What's so special you ask? with a smart phone and a free app called "QR code reader" these will automatically direct you to video conversations and demonstrations built into each and every poster. a brand new concept that is sure to be a great addition and augmentation to the static display of the poster itself!

Sample Video (Introduction)


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E-book is COMPLETE!!!

Check your Amazon and Itunes listings for your copy

Only $9.99

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 This is also now available again in paperback on Amazon! 1/25/2018




This is not a book on how to do Kenpo, it is about the basics of locking and controlling an opponent. How to be more effective with your locking and choking and much more. And if you are a teacher, there are tools that will help you be a better teacher through a clearer and more concise conveyance of some key elements in the Arts.




Got it yesterday. Great job! A must for every Kenpoists library. Brings focus on a vast topic that is often only topically addressed by many. Creates a clear focus on the instructional intricacies of "close in" self defense structural awareness. His insights on understanding the structure & application of levers is significant in obtaining maximum results. This book will create a renewed look into technique efficiency. Congratulations Todd, Mr. Parker would be proud of your contribution -Dennis Conatser


Couldn't put it down, except to run the techniques discussed to visualize the planes. The starting point is the three basic axes (or, axiseseses, if you will) corresponding to a 3-dimensional latticework. The clock system expresses position and motion in absolute bearing, while the plane system offers a system of relative bearing, eliminating the need to calibrate motion to the front of the room to "find bearings." This is awesome. -Gary Arnold


This is completely different then what I thought it would be. This is not another Kenpo book, but a well written, technical analysis of levers, leverage, planes and more that are applicable to any martial artist. Very good stuff! - Stan Hatfield


     Just wanted to give a testimony to your recent book that I just fully read. First I salute you on a fine job of taking the time, energy and passion into offering such a great book that gave a detail description into the principles of Leveraging, Fulcrums, locks, take downs and the use of Pressure Points.

     I highly recommend this book as a 'Must Read' book for any serious Martial Artist who enjoys adding sound information to their own Library as well as the necessary tools to use as a Facilitator teaching beginners as well as advanced students in the area of controlling a situation with illustrated mechanics.

      All I can say is Mr. Todd Durgan....a job well done!

                                                                     Sean P. Kelley/ Senior Professor


As a further enhancement to your Kenpo studies I highly recommend you get a copy of Todd Durgan's book Constituents of Contact Manipulation. Mr. Durgan explores this range by providing his insights as supported with a clear understanding of the universal pattern. The book is not necessarily a "how to", but reflects Mr. Durgan's experiences and observations as shared with his students over the years. I have found Mr. Durgan extremely personable, humble and knowledgeable always willing to explore and explain further without hesitation. I know "Kenpo-Philes" will appreciate the endless possibilities and mental challenges presented in the book as well as an opportunity to share your own understanding and experiences with the author. For me, the book opened up a whole new realm and I look forward to more from Mr. Durgan. 

Robert Ashmore





 The good news, book 2 "Constituents Cause & Effect, De-coding and Applying Contact

Manipulation" is in process! This is also a video enhanced publication and will be full of QR codes
that link to video explanations of the writings. The bad news is that the first book took roughly 14
years to complete. Keep your fingers crossed, it doesn't take that long!
Cover Preview Book II
Kause and Effect BB.pngKause and Effect cover.2.png
Due to release in "the future"
And for those of you that wanted more pictures in the first book, we have answered the call!!! We will not only have pictures but this will be (as stated on the front of the book cover) a video interactive book with further explanation and detail on points covered in the book and in every chapter.

Please enjoy this sample from the "leverage" poster



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